Love or lie?

When all is said and done. Where can one truly find love?

It’s funny how a marriage dies. How one goes from being so damn happy to boom! it’s over.

It’s funny to me because those white picket fences are so misleading. They’re like a scarecrow meant to distract you from what’s growing beneath the surface.

Love dies. It fades, it breaks, it burns you alive.

You take those happy pictures, you schedule extravagant family trips, you smile and talk about your family like your living in roses and sunshine…

On the outside, looking in, you’re the perfect adorable couple. The cute little family just trying to make it and build a beautiful life for themselves.

But in fact, roses have thorns. And sunshine can always be clouded.

Because on the inside. You’re broken.

You’re taking turns sleeping on the couch, you either fight or are silent with each other. You cry your soul out in the shower, or to a friendly ear.

But in the eyes of everyone watching. You are love. You are what everyone inspires to be.

E.W Shorts

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