About me?

Well, that is a tall order and I’ve honestly never been very good at talking about myself…

So bare with me.

~ I am a writer, published author, and fitness enthusiast.

My goals are to simply become more 💜

I want to inspire people with my writing and motivate them to chase their  dreams.  I do not just want to be another “published author”, I want to be able to make a difference.

I am affiliated with http://www.anysubject.com

They offer a wide range of services for writers and authors.

– use discount code “JENS10” at checkout for 10% off all ebook purchases  ðŸ˜Š

Currently Blakefields Mansion and Stonecrest are my only published novels

Below I’ve listed a few places that offer my book in either paperback , ebooks editions or both! 💜

Barnes and Noble– Apple Ibooks– Indigo–  Half.com–

Amazon– Kobo– Book Depository– Anysubject.com

to name a few 🙂

You can find me over on Facebook, just type @authorjennifersmith into the search bar.  And I love to procrastinate on Twitter over at @Writers_Time 🙂


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