Starting and Stopping

Wow imposter syndrome 🙀

For real though, get over it!

I’m going on a mini-rant here, so if you don’t want to read it… love you, bye. But if you’re curious… let get into it.

Ok, so here’s the deal.

I’ve been trying to find a solid creative group for the last year now, one that supports and inspires you to dive into your creative passion and pursue it hold heartedly. Not just to dabble at it and not take yourself seriously.

But after this whole pandemic (which I understand is not fully over, hello now we’re out of gas…) it seems everyone has dropped their passion and just focused on taking care of muggle things. As hey, I’m not knocking paying your bills and supporting your family, not at all!

But why keep giving up on your passions?

I have a small circle, a puddle if you will, and I watched these guys struggle over the last year, hit rock bottom and do nothing but wish they had done “this or that” and not wasted so much of their lives for someone else. And I’m one of them.

Why have I wasted so much of my life doing what others want?

We’ve made a pact.

We’re not wasting the rest of our lives on others and downplaying our wants and goals.

It’s time to stop giving a crap about failing and just do the things we want to do and see how the cards fall.

It’s time to say “Ok, plan A was a bust, let’s hit plan B” and not “I wish I had…”

Stop waiting.

Just start and don’t don’t stop until you figure out the right way.


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