Erm. So I’ve lost my mind

Im well aware I have issues with having my routine uprooted. It’s something I became aware of at a very young age and I kinda feel like it’s just gotten worse lol

I woke up this morning knowing full on how my day was going to go, like planned to a T. And then suddenly I was side blinded with babysitting a neighbors kids who’s currently in his terrible 2s… it was suppose to be for an hour while his mom ran out for errands and it ended up being an all day thing…

And when I say terrible 2s , I mean TERRIBLE 2s 😳 I swear this kid never stops being aggressive or acting out. You pretty much have to bend to his every want or you’re in for a horrible time.

On top of that jolt in my schedule, I found out my teacher messed up a few dates on a couple big tests coming up… so now I’m stressing over those deadlines being moved up on me …

I do not handle change well…



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