End of the party

Or the start of the beginning?

Idk the family New Years Eve party went off with a bang, literally. My sneaky cousin rang in the new year by shooting off his BB gun in the living room… and those things hurt when they bounce off decorative plates and into your sides.

My aunts reconciled long enough to enjoy the party. Thanks to many bottles of wine. My sister and I ended up playing bartenders all night. Which wasn’t so bad honestly.

But now we wake up to the new year, a fresh slate to muddy up as the days go on. So the question is…what do I attempt to set up for myself this time around? I don’t feel like failing anymore ideas. But sometimes I feel like if I don’t keep pushing myself I’ll never get anywhere new. I just don’t want to be static though. I’ve watched to many people just sit and let life pass them by. And I don’t want to waste mine. I just don’t know what to do.



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