The holiday saga continues…

So I’m sure we all have that dramatic family member that has to roll in and cause unnecessary drama, right?

And usually, that family member gets into an argument with the “blunt, tell it like it is whether you like it or not” family member.

And boy did they get into things this morning… I haven’t heard this much drama since my cousin announced she was pregnant during Easter dinner.

I’m not sure what started the argument this morning, but when I came downstairs I somehow got pulled into it. Half asleep and I’m suddenly pulled from one side to another, clothes being picked at by my mom. My aunt ruffling my hair and criticising new red color. Both parents arguing over who was raising their kids better and why the other was wrong!

I barely made it to the garage before they started in on how I had asked for my lip to be pierced for my birthday … dad and uncle Joe just sat in their chairs watching the TV drinking coffee. I asked them how they could even focus on what was on TV with all that racket going on in the house?

They said it’s better to let them hash it out vs get involved.

I was stuck in the garage for an hour before I could wiggle my way back upstairs and out of sight.

Just once I’d like a holiday where everyone just had a calm time. Maybe laugh about things, not feel the need to argue and fight. I can’t wait to have my own place and live in total solitude.



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