Ugh… life annoys me

So my therapist (yup I have one) told me to think long and hard on how I vent my thoughts and basically asked me if I was sure I wanted to blog about it vs journal.

And honestly, I took time away from this blog just to figure out if it would feel beneficial for me. And I feel like it would.

I’m also working on a book (aren’t all writers) so there’s that too. 🙃

But back to my life and my bullshit.

I had a huge fight with my cousin last week. She abandoned me at the movies, leaving me high and dry because a couple of her friends showed up and wanted to hang out.

Then to make matters worse, my mom scheduled half my life away over spring break so I can go work with my uncle on his small farm.

Don’t get get me wrong, I love being out there with him. But, I would like to be asked before losing all my free time. And yea, yea, “you’re a teen, you have no control over your life, you do as you’re told, until you’re 18 …” blah, blah, blah.

Why is it okay to treat people like crap just because you’re their kid.

Sometimes I struggle with understanding why certain roles automatically makes crap behavior ok. But from what my cousin Alice says, “You’ll be dealing with it all your life. Unless you take control and create a better life”.

But how do you create a better life?


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