Its Autumn!!

Seriously my favorite season EVER!!! I'm so happy πŸ™ƒ And the things going on in my life right now, guys I couldn't be heading in any better direction ✌🏼 My second book is so close to be released that I can already smell that new book smell πŸ’— My Patreon account has been re-opened thanks … Continue reading Its Autumn!!

Actively procrastinating and losing my mind :) + Publication updates

Let's be real here, people that seem to always find loads of time to write and research their work…… SUCK BALLS!!Β  lolΒ Β  No, no you don't.Β  I suck. I suck because I can't seem to get my head together and focus on my writing. *insert face palm emoji here* lol Everyone else that plans and … Continue reading Actively procrastinating and losing my mind πŸ™‚ + Publication updates