Little bit of life

Slowly getting adjusted in the new apartment. I’m really enjoying having a pool right here and so many of them to choose from! lol

6 pools in this complex and so far I’ve only visited one. They also have a hot tub, sauna, indoor tanning beds and a gym set up for weight training in one room, cardio in another, and still a separate room for stretching, yoga or pilates 🙂

ahh, yes. Very nice ❤

Some of the equipment may not be as up to par as it would in a normal gym but hey, as long as it gets the job done.

Needless to say, this place has everything I need to relax and balance my mind on my days off.  Just wish they had allowed me to bring my Bella girl here…

But that’s life.

Now, as for the writing, I’ve been focusing on editing my next book vs dabbling in my other projects. Although I’m still keeping good notes and may write a sentence or two (for note purposes lol) for my other projects, I’m trying my best to focus on one story at a time.

I’m hoping to get a desk set up soon so I can have a designated writing area. Don’t know yet if I’ll take over the screen porch or if I’ll just set something up in my room.?  But I know I need to make a space all my own in order for me to block out the world and complete my story.

Tomorrow I’m going to check out our local Starbucks (which happens to be just 2 minutes down the road) and see how busy they are of a morning to see if that could be a possible writing location.   It doesn’t seem near as busy as the one I would go to in IL, so maybe people down here aren’t as into it as us northerners lol



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