Not much to say…

Long time no post 😊 lol

I’ve been super MIA lately! I can’t seem to think of anything worth posting or rambling about … 

So here’s a picture of Bella 😊 

Baby girl will be a year old next Wednesday! I’m so excited!  And surprised at how quick the time has flown by. 

She’s been doing SOO much better in the health department, from what I can tell. Going in tomorrow for a check up and vaccines (fingers crossed no more medications will be needed), Currently she’s on nothing but whole food supplements and omega 3s.  πŸ‘πŸΌ And they do seem to be making a difference with her. 

We’re still learning how to jog properly, without tripping up mom lol and occasionally she finds a tennis shoe she prefers over her bone πŸ˜‘ but for the most part she’s a doll 😊

From our run this morning – she wanted those baby geese so bad πŸ™ˆ  I think we should lay off the squeaker toys for a while lol.  


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