Work flow rant… Are you an early bird?

So not all of us are morning people, I get that.

Some of us can wake up at the crack of dawn and jump right into a brain teasing project, while others need that grande cup of coffee before they can even put they’re clothes on!

Some of us can stay up at all hours of the night, getting 3hrs sleep and still work a full day without much complaint.   

While I on the other hand would be dragging myself like a zombie, straight from my bed and over to a gallon of 5hour energy 😜

We’re all different and that’s ok.  

There’s no need to try to be like anyone else or feel threatened by someone else’s abilities.

I consider myself a workaholic and an early bird, simply because I’m always working on one project or another and I never sleep past 5:30am. 🤷 (and some days its earlier)

I am the 20-25 minutes early, everyday type when it comes to my jobs. (Yup, every job I’ve had) And yes, I’ve received backlash about it from coworkers who think I’m sucking up to the boss and making them look bad.

I even had a coworker tell me once, that I was making them look bad for working so much and getting things completed early and asked if I would slow down some and take a little more time doing things.

And yes,  at the time I tried to be nice and I did what they asked, only to then have them turn around and complain about how slow I was and that I wasn’t completing things fast enough 😳 ( naïve little me) 

For me, my pace and early arrival to work is a sign of my work ethic.  Not anyone else’s , just mine and mine alone. 

I require a lot of myself. And being, not only on time but early is one of my top priorities.  

Within 30 minutes to and hour of me waking up, I’m ready to smash out the day. I have a list of tasks I need to get done and even a list of things I’d like to do if I finish latter early enough.  

And I like my early mornings, I accomplish so much more in a day by just getting started at a decent time. (Well decent for me and crazy for others lol) 

With my current job, there has been many mornings that all hell has broken loose within 3-5 minutes of our doors opening 😳

So if I were to walk in the building right at opening time and try to complete the list of morning chores I have there Plus try to handle the bussyness, I would be running around my morning feeling rushed and flustered with the amount of work ahead of me.  

And that’s just how I am. 

If it makes you feel accomplished, satisfied, and happy then do it. But don’t belittle or cause rifts with other people who don’t do it your way.  

For some people, they thrive on being extremely busy the moment they arrive to work. And more power to you if you can keep your cool in hectic situations! 👌🏼 But for me, I need those few minutes of peace and quiet to acclamate myself to the tasks at hand. 
So, are you an early bird or no?

Can you handle immediant bussyness or do you need a few minutes to warm up and get ready for the run?

I’d love to hear your thoughts 😊


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