Flunking November 

Happy New Year!!! 😊

Well it’s not “technically” the new year yet, but I did just have a birthday so for me it’s the start of a new year 👌🏼

Currently I’m struggling with NaNoWriMo and hitting my word count 😞 my day job has been super busy lately which means my writing has been delayed. (OMG!!! The agony!)

No seriously , the little voice in my head it’s driving me nuts. My mind is in over flow right now with all the notes and ideas I need to write out or dictate into my recorder.   

I’m also getting close to being behind on a short story contest I’m in too …

I’m simply flunking November. 😶
I really wish someone would invent something that could simply read my thoughts and translate all of them into words. 👌🏼 and sell it at a decent, affordable price for us not-so-rich writers 😜

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