My introduction (officially) -The Bella diaries

My name is Bella De Ball, but you can call me Bella.
I am a pit bull puppy, born 5/17/16 (or there abouts) it’s hard for me to remember the exact date. 
Honestly, I don’t remember too much about my family and life before I went to live in the big kennel with all the other dogs. When I arrived, there were many other dogs already living there-big ones, small ones and some older ones too. 
And I made friends with them all!
 While I stayed there, people would come in all the time to visit and play with us. And sometimes, if we behaved well, they would take one of us home. Everyone called that “Our Forever Home” because if you’re lucky, once someone picks you for their own, they keep you forever. 
Many people visited me and the other dogs all the time, they took us out to play and sometimes they would even take pictures of us too. It seemed like everyday someone would get a new home, but then some days it just seemed like no one wanted us. Some dogs had been living there awhile and seemed almost discouraged that they wouldn’t find their Forever Home, but every time someone would walk in they would do their best to gain their attention and win their affections. Never giving up hope that they might be just what someone was looking for or what someone needed in their life.
On 8/1/16… I found my Forever Home and said goodbye to my friends at the big kennel. 
Someone had come in and chose me. They chose me to take home and be their friend and watchful eye. 
So now, I want to share my journey with you. My new home, all my friends and my life. So that maybe someday, you’ll be that person who makes another dog feel just as special as I did when I was carried to my new home in my new families arms. 💜


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