The start of something new

Photo credits My Facebook page

What a cute little face right?

Since I adopted this little cutie from our local shelter , I’ve been bouncing around ideas on how I can give back and help support all those lost and lonely pets looking for their forever homes.  There are so many good pets just sitting around waiting to be adopted that no one even knows about!  Or worse, they’re written off due to their breed , age or medical issues šŸ˜¦ 

Just breaks my heart. 

Hopefully my “Puppy Diary” posts, that I’ve been doing with my little Bella could help spread the word about how amazing it is to adopt a pet and help shed some light on all the ups and downs of owning a furry baby šŸ™‚
Bella here was adopted with “No known medical issues”. She was roughly 2.5 months old. Taken into the shelter for protective care.

She was perky, happy and externally adorable! Yet upon my watchful eye it didn’t take me long to notice a few things about her. Like her bowed out elbow, which turned out to be a fracture or breakage that was left un-treated and healed on its own :/  She also seemed to drink and urinate way more often than she should and the volume she produced wasn’t always normal.  Well, that turned out to be crystals forming in her urine due to her not agreeing with the brand of food she was on :/

Then the little lovely showed us that the crystal problem diminishing ( Yeah!!) thanks to switching her to a better quality food and with that problem going away she decided a UTI was more to her style šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼ šŸ™‚ ahh, the joys of parenthood right? Lol 

Wonder what she’ll come up with next?

I wouldn’t change a thing though, the moment I saw this little girl and signed those papers, I agreed to take her on as my own and that included any and all of her little challenges. Which include vet visits and medications. 

I sort of have a point to this ramble session, pretty sure I originally tried to be inspiring and insiteful with this post lol. 

When you decide you want to take on another family member , don’t just think of all the fun reasons you want one. Think of all the reasons , pros and cons. Make a list and be extremely honest with it. And bare in mind you can’t read a book by its cover. 


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