Beginning not to quit .. ch 2

The only constant is change

Well well, this month is almost over ✌🏼

And right with it, the year 💋

So my small daily routines I started earlier this month (Check it out here) have been coming along well. I’ve gone 14 days straight taking cold showers of a morning, the rest of the month was scattered days due to sleep issues and travelling times. But we’re getting there! 👍🏼

The key to success is to keep moving towards your end goal. Slow continuos steps.

And be mindful that the trail will always change.

•Learn to adapt and be cool with keeping your plan loose and flowing

•Keep your goals where they can be seen each day to remind you

•Set small goals leading to the big dream

•Don’t set too many at one time!

This is very important. Overwhelming yourself is very easy to do when your deciding to take on new personal and career goals.

Creating to many new changes for yourself at once will ultimately lead to disaster and result in you giving up.

Don’t burn yourself out

Keep it slow and steady.

Decide what your big goals are, and break them down into daily/weekly habits that you’ll need to reach before hitting the main goal 👌🏼

Don’t knock the slow movement.


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