This week has been… enlightening ✨

November was a moment for me.

Many ups and downs, and quite the emotional roller coaster. But all is well.

Things change for reasons and we may not always know the reason “why” at the time, but it will always show itself to us.

Moving forward. My health is my number one focus ☺️ and as scary as new challenges can be, they’re beneficial to the growth process ✌🏼🌱

The best way to tackle new challenges is to take them one day at a time. Small steps moving towards the big goal.

So my first little step (as crazy as this sounds)

Is sticking to my new morning routine 🫣

  • ✨Wake up- Plan ahead so you have 30 minutes of YOU time each morning.
  • ✨Cold shower for 3 minutes (building up to longer and colder)
  • ✨Workout 💪🏼 (this time is separate from YOU time)

Everything I read, or listen to about improving yourself emphasizes on doing your most important tasks first thing. That way the majority of your energy is available and not already spent on the days “required” tasks.

Make sense?

Anyway. So that’s what I’m doing.

I’m starting with small changes, and building my morning routine. To set myself up for future success (daily and long term goals in mind)



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