The beginning of attempting not to quit 🥰

Does anyone else have a bad habit of getting super excited about something, doing all the prep work, and then just getting burnt out or disappointed in your progress that you just quit?

👋🏼 Hey, Hi (In the words of Taylor)

“I’m the problem it’s me“

I use to be able to motivate myself and focus on what I’m wanted no matter what was placed in front of me. But lately…

Lately, I can’t get my ass moving for nothing. NOTHING!

And it sucks.

It’s like some weird glitch in my brain that’s says “Yes! We want this, we want to be better, we will succeed!” And then BAM! Smallest inconvenience and everything makes sense to just quit 🤷🏻‍♀️

My goal is to fix that glitch.

Maybe if people are expecting something of me, and it’s not just myself, I’ll do better. 🤔

Worth a shot.


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