Living little

So I have 12 days before my official clock changes over and ads another year.

Yogi Tea inspiration of the day: Let your greatness show from your inner light

Over this last year, I’ve been experimenting with many life changes. From cutting up credit cards, working multiple jobs, taking great strides in my personal health and mental wellbeing. So now I feel ready to push it a litter further and get a little more accountability for my goals.

So, I’m sharing more things with you all 🙂 be kind.

Now, I’m not doing the whole “New year, new me” thing, I don’t see many people actually upholding their end of that once the initial attention from the new year ends. And since I’ve already made it a year into my life changes, can I really call it that?

So anyway, here we are, a continuation of my private life now slowly merging into public view and scrutiny (nervously laughs).

I hope to meet a few like-minded individuals during this process, maybe help a few people on their own journey and, of course, get a little help for myself.

Edit: To make things a little more organized, you can find all things health related over on my second site here

See you at the next one.

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