Broken… 12

You seem to be going a little heavy on this whole “be to busy to think” thing. Are you sure you’re doing okay?

Natalie shifted over and curled up under the blanket next to me.

I’m not to busy to think. I thought of how fun a movie night with you would be didn’t I? I smiled and grabbed my hot coco from the coffee table.

Uhuh. Took a lot to think of so basic. She rolled her eyes and sipped her hot cocoa.

I’m just thinking, maybe we should talk about Jim’s little. Maybe it’s time to face the music a bit… you think?

What is there to talk about? He got married. He has no space for me anymore. And I shouldn’t be thinking about him at all. Why should I let him still cause me pain when he’s clearly made his choice?…

Natalie pulled me closer to her. She wrapped me in the blanket as I started crying… I couldn’t breathe… how could he do that?… I thought… I thought …

How stupid can I be? Seriously. I choked out the words as everything hit me like a massive wave .

I buried my head in Natalies lap as she rubbed my back.

Let it out girl. Just let it out. You’re going to be okay.


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